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Our story.

For 20 years, our team has been at the cutting edge of design and production when it comes to lifestyle products, licensed products and premiums.

We provide design, development and procurement services for the biggest global consumer good brands in 40 countries.

We have designed, controlled and delivered more than:
- 100.000.000 units of bags/cases
- 8.000.000 units of cosmetic products

We have achieved compliance with 12 Corporate Social Responsibility Programs of our clients: we work with pioneering companies on the field of Socially Responsible procurement practices.

We have worked with over 70 manufacturing units that have been selected after confirming their compliance with top Social Responsibility and Quality Management Systems.

We have invested more than USD 2.000.000 in lab testing and quality control, always collaborating with industry leading firms.


Make it circular.

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This is what we do.

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We pay great attention to
Quality and Social responsibility.


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